My name is Jennda, I’m a singer-songwriter-model & makeup-artist based in Hollywood, CA. As a product research junkie and a contributing beauty blog writer, I’m always on the hunt for the next new product at the best price! I’ve tried almost every eyelash serum on the market in my quest for the most luscious lashes, most fell short of their promised results. Personally I found the only product that really delivered results was Latisse, but at $120 a bottle it was just too expensive to maintain every month. So when my research lead me to the original Generic formula of Latisse, I was super excited! The same exact formulation for half the price? I had to give it a try! My results have been amazing, stronger, thicker, even darker more beautiful Luscious Lashes! I have been using it for 3 years now, and after having such amazing results with my lashes growing longer, thicker and darker, I decided to start passing the savings on to my friends and clients. I’ve had so many requests for the product from people who see my lashes, and the success I’ve had with it, that I finally decided it was time to put up a website!

My own results are pictured here:jen2




My Results after 3 full months of use!! Beautiful, strong, Longer, Thicker Luscious Lashes!!

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