Instructions for use

What is Generic Latisse?

Generic Latisse is the exact same formulation as brand name Latisse, Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution 0.03%, but without the big advertising campaign and high profile spokes models. It is the only proven formula to treat hypotrichosis (inadequately short eyelashes) by increasing the length, thickness, darkness, and quantity of eyelashes when applied on the lash line of the upper eyelid base. This product creates longer, thicker, darker and more luscious lashes!

How Generic Latisse works:

Generic Latisse works exactly the same as brand name Latisse but for half the price! It helps eyelashes grow by increasing the number of hairs in the initial growth phase (the anagen phase). It also increases the amount of time hairs remain in the anagen phase, allowing them to develop more. The generic formula is actually the original product that caused Doctor’s to see their patients coming in with longer, thicker and darker luscious lashes! The cosmetics world simply jumped on the opportunity to market this product and sell it at a much higher price. Although there are no fancy advertising campaign’s for Generic Latisse, the ingredients are identical, and offer the same benefits for half the price!


Generic Latisse will need to be used nightly for 16 weeks to obtain ideal results. After the initial 16 week period, weekly maintenance use of every 2-3 days is recommended.

* Once the desired length is achieved, maintain the new lashes by applying the product 2-3 times a week. The maintenance program is necessary for maintaining the new length because after use is discontinued, eyelashes will revert back to their normal growth patterns.

1) Before Applying: Ensure the face is clean. Makeup and contact lenses should be removed. Use rubbing alcohol or antibacterial soap and water to clean the brush before use to  prevent contamination.  Dry brush with clean towel.

2) Prepare the Applicator: Place one drop of Generic Latisse on the tip of the applicator.

3) Apply to eyelid: Immediately, trace the applicator carefully along the base of the upper eyelashes (where the eyelid meets the eyelashes) moving from the inner part of the eyelid to the outer part.


4) Blot Excess: Remove any excess solution beyond the treatment areas with a tissue.

5) Repeat steps 2-4 for the other eyelid: DO NOT APPLY on the lower lid as excess hair growth in this area may occur. If you miss a dose, don’t try to “catch up”, just apply Generic Latisse the next evening.

6) The included applicator brush can be washed with antibacterial soap, rinsed and stored for the next use.


Bimatoprost (ingredient of Latisse) is proven effective in people with weak growth of eye lashes, to achieve fuller, longer and thicker eyelashes. Possible side effects: dryness visual disturbance eye pain burning sensation foreign body sensation ocular irritation tearing eyelash darkening, eye discharge allergic conjunctivitis increases in iris pigmentation Precautions: Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution has been reported to cause changes to pigmented tissues. These reports increased pigmentation and growth of eyelashes and increased pigmentation of the iris and eyelid. These changes may be permanent. Bimatoprost may gradually change eye color, increasing the amount of brown pigment in the iris by increasing the number of melanosomes (pigment granules) in melanocytes. Information provided is intended to be used as general information and for cosmetic purposes only and is in no way intended to replace professional advice, is not to be used as a medical treatment program, nor to diagnose or cure of any disease or medical condition. Always consult with a qualified provider for advice. You are solely responsible for the use and misuse of this product.